Whale Beliefs

We believe in putting nature first.  We believe that there is nothing more important than protecting the Earth, the Ocean and the great diversity of life on our planet.  We understand the need to put the planet before profit.  As we see cases of addiction, depression, obesity, mental health and subsequent unhappiness rise in our society, we must seek to re-connect to nature.  We believe that we are all connected, no matter where in the world you come from.  There is a common thread of humanity that links us all yet somehow this has been lost.  We may have more than a thousand friends on social networks and yet we feel deeply lonely, often spending hours with smart phones to the detriment of real human interaction.  At The Whale Company we aim to inspire people to rebuild that connection with nature.  Take time out of your busy life to find the stillness, peace and joy in nature.  When we connect to nature, we are able to connect to ourselves.  The love and validation we seek can be found inside ourselves.  When we understand this, our consciousness awakens and we can fulfil our true potential.  We become more balanced and allow harmony and happiness to enter our lives, enabling us to connect to others more successfully.

Alternatives to Plastic

We make innovative products that help people reduce their impact on the environment.


We believe that people should be treated fairly and with respect.   When choosing a supplier to make the bags it was very important to visit the factory to ensure that standards were being met.  In 2012 we went to several factories in India before deciding who to work with.


We ensure that The Whale Company products are as sustainable as possible. The materials we use are organic, recycled or re-used.  Even the toggles on our organic cotton bags are manufactured from fallen, harvested twigs; the dyes are Azo free; and the labels and display stands are made from recycled cardboard.


Our Whalebags are convenient and strong; their innovative design makes it easy for the consumer to change their behaviour.  Our Whaletreads are hard wearing and comfortable.  Our target customers have busy, sociable lifestyles and need a product that helps them to be green.


If you are interested in stocking Whalebags please email whalebags@gmail.com.