To contact Carlos and Carolyn directly, Email: or Phone:  +447870685994

Host a Marathon

Do you own or are you a member of a SUP club in Europe?  Would you like us to complete one of our marathons in your location?  We need your help to:

1. PLAN THE ROUTE (42 km) using your local knowledge.

2. JOIN US for the marathon or part of it and invite members of your club to come along too.

3. INVITE your local press/media contacts to come along to film, photograph or write about us – we want to spread our message to #EndOceanPlastic.

4. BUILD A BOARD – we want to teach you and your club members how to build a board, which you will keep – to enable those who might not be able to afford it, a chance to try SUP for free and so that you can continue to spread the word about plastic pollution in the waterways. You will need to collect 120x 2 litre  or 150x 1.5 litre bottles  (see the bottle guide below) – we will provide everything else.

5. HELP us find cheap accommodation (we have a very small budget).

Join us for a marathon

The more the merrier … JOIN US for all or part of a marathon.

Build a Board

Come and help us build a board – see The Route above to find out when and where we will be building our next board or learn how you can make your own.