Carlos and Carolyn have taken time off from their work to spread the important message about stopping plastic pollution in our waterways. They are the first people to complete an expedition on a plastic bottle sup, let alone 12 marathons! They need some additional support to complete their expedition.

For a unique opportunity to sponsor the first event of its kind please Email: supmarathon@gmail.com or Phone: +447870685994


Can you give us a place to stay for the occasional night in return for promotion on social media and on our website?


We need to eat healthy food and being on the move constantly can make it difficult.  Would your restaurant be able to offer a meal?


We can help to increase your brand exposure – be associated with healthy living, protecting the environment and sustainability.



Carlos and Carolyn will be using one of the new 12’6 Explorace SUP boards from ITIWIT to accompany the plastic bottle board on the marathon.  They will take it in turns to paddle the bottle board and the Itiwit board.