Plastic Bottle SUP Project


We have seen huge potential to develop the plastic bottle project into an educational program that can be carried out, not only in Europe, but all over the world. SUP is a sport that enables people to connect with nature and there is no coincidence that it is fast becoming associated with protecting the environment because when you paddle in a beautiful place, you do not want to see pollution. The impact is powerful and will initiate change – we now need to collaborate to take action to bring about this change.

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ Nelson Mandela





  • Through SUP, help people to feel the responsibility of looking after our environment for themselves
  • Take action to turn waste plastic bottles into a resource
  • Teach children and adults how to build a plastic bottle SUP to:
    • increase participation in SUP
    • provide business opportunities
    • provide affordable transport
    • provide emergency rafts in flood zones

Education - schools and communities


We will bring the topic of plastic pollution to the classroom in a fun and inspirational way, sharing our belief that it is everyone’s responsibility to look after the environment. We will show photos and footage of the SUP marathon expedition and introduce scientific research in a way that makes children understand and want to protect the environment.

We will run plastic bottle board building workshops, teach children how to SUP and take them on the water. The board is easy to build and workshops can be tailored for people aged 8 to 80!

Exhibition - community projects


We will work with riverside/coastal communities where there are no efficient waste management or recycling systems in place to deal with the escalating amount of plastic waste. We will run workshops to teach locals how to build plastic bottle SUP boards, teach people how to paddle, give swimming lessons if necessary, help set up SUP clubs or SUP rental businesses, depending on the needs of the local community. There are areas where transport is desperately needed to help people cross the river – the plastic bottle SUP would be a great solution. The plastic bottle SUP would also make an excellent emergency raft that could save lives in flood areas.