Plastic Bottle SUP Photo Gallery

A photo says a thousand words!  Follow our incredible journey since building our first board in Caraguatatuba, Brazil in March 2017.

When we took our first plastic bottle SUP to the beach, we were amazed by the huge amount of attention it got and we realised the potential for raising awareness of the problems of plastic pollution and our marathon expedition on a plastic bottle SUP was born.  See our story in photos here.  To stay up to date and read our blogs click here to go to SUP NEWS.

The Green Surf Festival, Protect Blue and our 4th marathon in Noli, Italy

Our 2nd marathon on Atazar Reservoir, Madrid

The first to paddle a marathon on a Plastic Bottle SUP – La Dordogne

Our new (old) car and our 4th Plastic Bottle SUP at Dordogne Intégrale

Our new partnership with ITIWIT by Decathlon

Building our 3rd Plastic Bottle SUP at L’eau Vive, Paris

Building our 2nd Plastic Bottle SUP and Guarapiranga Lake, São Paulo

Building our 1st Plastic Bottle SUP